Melons I must admit that I am truly a little kid at heart.

Today is Thanksgiving. The time when we all should give thanks and be grateful for our blessings. We have toiled (hopefully) and we have reaped a good harvest (very hopefully). We give thanks to God from whom all blessings flow, and we thank each other, for family, for friendship, for family, and for love.

We also take time today to enjoy the labors of our toils By feasting, and resting, and having fun.

Thanksgiving for me is in my memories.

Memories of the smells – hot turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie (although I preferred apple).

Memories of the noises – so many people around, some family, some not. The cooking, and sizzling, and whisk whisk whisk of the stirring.

Not being alone. A day of thanks. And joy. And fun. Napping, after having been well fed.

A day when we take care of each other.

But as I said, I’m a kid inside. The best part of Thanksgiving is that it means Christmas is just around the corner!

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