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Jesus Christ, the Son of God, or the Sun God Horus?

Horus was an Egyptian God. The name “Horus” was actually used for multiple deities, the most famous of whom is Harseisis (Heru-sa-Aset) or Horus, the son of Isis. And whenever we speak of Horus, this is the one most people are referring to. In Egypt the Pharaoh, was considered the Living avatar of Horus.

Often depicted as either a falcon, or the body of a man with a falcon’s head. Horus was the protector of Egypt, the god of the desert, storms, and chaos, god of the sky, and god of war.

There are aspects of the god Horus that many believe were copied and used by the Jews and early Christians to create their own god Jesus Christ. Let’s take a look at some of the similarities.

Virgin Birth

It would seem, as we saw in The Christ Myth – Mithras, that virgin births are very popular when it comes to claiming Christ is a copycat.

So was Horus born of a virgin? According to the story Isis was his mother, and Isis was married to Osiris, and there is no evidence to indicate she was abstinent before little Horus came around. I would have to say that he was not born of a virgin. According to the texts, Horus father Osiris, was killed, and his mother Isis put his body back together to have sex with it and produce Horus. Some accounts even show that she couldn’t find that really important part of Osiris and fashioned an artificial one to do the deed.

So definitely strange, and little necrophiliac, but definitely not a virgin birth.

Born of Mary and Joseph (Seb)

I had not heard this one before, that Horus was born to a Mary and Joseph. It is clearly wrong as we know that his mother was Isis, and his father was neither Joseph, nor Seb. Osiris was Horus father, Seb was Osiris father.

So we can conclude that this too is in error. No birth for Horus to a Mary and Joseph.

Heralded Birth

Every account of Horus birth I can find doesn’t say anything about his birth being announced by angels, and most texts show him being born in a swamp. Hardly a place you would find shepherds. Archaya S. notes that Horus was born in a cave but I think Archaya has confused Horus with Mithras here, as there are no texts I can find that suggest Horus was born in a cave.


Another claim of similarity is that Horus was baptized by Anup the baptizer. No texts show Horus ever being baptized and there is no mention of an Anup the baptizer.

Twelve Disciples

Horus had four disciples called the “Heru-Shemsu”. There is reference to a group of followers called the “mesnui” or blacksmiths, who followed Horus into battle, but we are not told how many there were.

Walked On Water

There is no mention of Horus ever walking on water.

Miracles, Exorcisms, and Resurrections

While their are miracles attributed to Horus, casting out demons or raising someone from dead are not among them.

Some will state that Horus raised El-Azarus (Osiris) from the dead. However there is no record of such an event in the texts, and Osiris was never referred to as El-Azarus. This appears to be nothing more than a poor attempt to link Christ’s raising of Lazarus from the dead with Osiris.

A Sermon on the Mount

The texts record that Horus never gave any sermons.

Iusa, the Ever-Becoming Son, Holy Child

The claim has been made that Horus was also called Iusa, the “ever-becoming son” or “holy child”. This is in reference to Jesus whose name in the Greek is Iesous. However the texts never show Horus being called Iusa, or for that matter anyone in Egypt being called that. Nor was Horus ever referred to as the ever-becoming or the holy child.

Transfiguration on the Mount

One must wonder where people get this from because there are no texts anywhere suggesting that Horus ever went through any kind of transfiguration on a mountain top.

Again, Horus was not crucified, as a matter of fact there really aren’t any stories telling how he died. There is one unofficial story that speaks of the death of Horus where he is cut up in pieces and thrown in the water. Later the parts are fished out by a crocodile at the request of his mother Isis.

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Messiah, Lamb of God, Good Shepherd, and many other titles. Unfortunately Horus was not referred to as any of these. No where.

The KRST, the Christ

Another claim has been made that Horus was called the KRST, or the anointed one.

No he wasn’t. KRST translates as burial.


I think the conclusion is clear again, Jesus is not a copycat of Horus in any way, shape, or form. Indeed in the case of Horus, as in the case of Mithras, that there is a lot of nonfactual wishful thinking going on. That and outright lies and deception.

You of course, as always, are free to believe as you wish.

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