California AB-370 Notice

1) Personal Information

a) Personally identifiable information may be collected through the Site about individual consumers who use or visit the Site to facilitate requested interactions by User. These include any information or interaction requested, as well as the method for replying to the request.

b) Personally identifiable information is never shared with third parties unless requested by User. For example making a purchase and providing name and address for shipping requires us to share that information with the third party providing delivery.

2) Users may request to review or change any of the personal information held by the Site by contacting – steve@stephenjardent.com.

3) Users should always check for changes or updates to policies before continuing to use the website. Users who have requested information, or Users who have become customers will recieve email updates notifying them of changes to any Site policy.

4) Current effective date is May 27, 2014.

5) Do Not Track

a) Site operator does nothing to overtly track consumers outside of that information necessary to facilitate requested interactions by User. Operator’s IP, as well as any intermediary relay IP’s may collect information about any visitor to the Site, please refer to IP’s own notices and policies about information collected.

b) Site operator does not intentionally track where a User has come from immediately prior to visiting Site. IP’s may collect such information, however User should refer to IP’s notices and policies regarding information collected.

c) Site operator has no way of knowing all of the equipment, software, proxies, tracking, etc that any particular user may use while on the Web, or that of any intermediary company used to collect information. User must be aware that any activity on the Web may be tracked in some fashion by some persons, companies, or agencies. Site merely states that it does not collect personally identifiable information, or share it with third parties, outside of that required to facilitate requested interaction by Users.

6) Third parties

a) Third parties may collect User information in order to facilitate interactions requested by User. For example that of a third party payment processor, or email relays when sending a Notice to User.

b) Please see those third party company’s own notices on their policies regarding tracking of activity over time.

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